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Aug 10, 2015

Justin Shubow is President of the National Civic Art Society, a Washington DC educational non-profit for the classical and humanistic tradition in public art and architecture.  With a background in law, philosophy, comedy, and physics, his sharp wit informs and entertains through articles in Forbes and appearances before Congress and various Washington committees.

We talk about Frank Gehry's design for the Eisenhower Memorial in Washington DC, a project estimated to cost $150M that has dragged on since 1999.  Shubow has been a vocal opponent of both the selection process that chose Gehry and Gehry's various designs for the memorial.

What happens when a lawyer, philosopher and physicist go into a bar?  Our #1 fan Consuelo battles it out in Modernist musical chairs!

Learn more about the people and topics mentioned in this episode:  Maya Lin / Vietnam Veterans Memorial / MLK Memorial / Civil Rights Memorial / 911 Memorial / FDR Memorial / National Civic Arts Society.
Also in the studio, Jason Hart, Vinny Petrarca, and Katherine Hogan, winners of Jury honors in the 2015 George Matsumoto Prize for excellence in recent Modernist residential architecture.