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Feb 13, 2023

It’s our Valentine's Day show, and what could be better than being in love?  Oh man, your brain is on a euphoric, crazy, often stupid, out of your mind focus on someone or some building that lights you up.  You can’t stop checking messages, you can’t stop googling.  Your heart is racing, and your body is a circus of feel-good chemicals.  Dopamine revs you up, and serotonin falls, taking your rational old self right into Hallmark card territory – and cutting your appetite.  Adrenaline and nor-epinephrine kick in, then oxytocin like a big teddy bear, comes in for the cuddle.  Are we talking about people, or Modernist architecture?  Today it’s both, with three couples merging their personal and professional passions.  First up, curator Sascha Feldman and architect Jacob Esocoff, and interior architects Christine Stucker and James Veal.  Later, music from the fjords with Norwegian jazz couple Heidi Skjerve and Daniel Formo.