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Jun 21, 2021

Every town hopes that someone will come along, and at no expense to the town, create something beautiful. We’re not talking a new mall. We’re talking acres of flowing grounds open to the public, an award-winning complex of stunningly beautiful buildings by a world-class architecture firm, and a philanthropic mission that includes, among other noteworthy causes, the elimination of slave labor in the construction supply chain. One visionary person did just that in the Modernist center of New Canaan CT, notable for houses by Philip Johnson, Eliot Noyes, John Johansen, Frank Lloyd Wright, Edward Durell Stone, Gisue and Mojgan Hariri, Jim Evans, and other famous Modernists. What did our heroine get in return for this amazing project? A cranky Planning and Zoning board and crankier neighbors who apparently are into lawsuits. Joining us is Sharon Prince, CEO and Founder of Grace Farms. Later on, jazz from Canada with musical guest Lily Frost.