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May 24, 2021

In our ongoing series Children of Genius, we’ve spoken with Raymond and Dion Neutra, sons of Richard Neutra; Guilliame Schindler, great-grandson of Rudolph Schindler; Randy Koenig, son of Pierre Koenig; Susan and Eric Saarinen, children of Eero Saarinen; Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright; Emily Ain, daughter of Gregory Ain; Celia Bertoia, daughter of Harry Bertoia, Eames Demetrios and Carla Hartman, grandchildren of Charles and Ray Eames, Erika Pfammatter, granddaughter of Walter Gropius, and Annie Gwathmey, daughter of Charles Gwathmey. Today we reach out to Palm Springs to talk with graphic designer Gary Wexler, son of architect Donald Wexler, and ophthalmologist Erik Williams, son of architect E. Stewart Williams. George chats with the new national AIA president, Peter Exley of Architecture is Fun, and later on, jazz with the lovely Connie Evingson.