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Nov 2, 2015

Craig Dykers, at just 28 years old, received international acclaim after winning the $350 million commission for the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.  He is founder of the design firm Snøhetta, with offices in Oslo Norway and New York, architect for some of the most amazing modern buildings in the world.  Snøhetta is the design architect for the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NC State University.

Greg Raschke is the Associate Director for Collections & Scholarly Communication at NC State University.  He's been deeply involved in the design and construction of the Hunt Library.  You may recall he's a great friend of the show, having binge-listened earlier this year - and survived!

Learn more about the people and topics mentioned in this episode: 

James B. Hunt Jr. Library * Snøhetta * Bookbot * Library of Alexandria (old) * Library of Alexandria (new) * Sex in Libraries * The Scream *