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Aug 12, 2019

Three Amigos: Tom Kundig, Frank Harmon, and Marlon Blackwell.  Not only are they the best of friends but they are award-winning rockstars of Modernist residential architecture.  

Tom Kundig is principal with Olson Kundig Architects and came to national attention with 1998’s Studio House and in 2002, the Chicken Point Cabin.  Tom’s honors include the Cooper Hewitt 2008 National Design Award, eleven national AIA design awards, too many Washington AIA awards to count, and over 450 feature articles worldwide.  He is the author of Tom Kundig Houses, Tom Kundig Houses 2, and Tom Kundig Works.

Frank Harmon grew up in North Carolina and worked for North Carolina’s Ed Loewenstein and New York’s Richard Meier, teaching at Auburn University and NC State University’s College of Design. He’s received over 60 design awards, the most ever for a North Carolina firm.  Frank is the author of the book Native Places: Drawing as a Way to See and writes the Native Places blog.

Marlon Blackwell is the author of An Architecture of the Ozarks: The Works of Marlon Blackwell and has taught at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville since 1992, serving as head of the architecture department for six years. His firm won more than 120 design awards and he received the 2012 Architecture Prize from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.