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Apr 9, 2018

USModernist Radio goes to Palm Springs each February for the incredibly popular Modernism Week.  It’s a fascinating array of sunshine, architecture, lectures, parties, tours, exhibits, and you can even order martinis for breakfast. Yes, you can do that anywhere but you'll feel glamorous in Palm Springs. USModernist Radio's George Smart was there with keynote speakers and other special guests who make Modernism Week a blast. 

You can't go to Modernism Week without running into our next two guests at some event. 

Annalisa Capurro flies in every year from Sydney, Australia, where she is an interior designer, educator, architectural historian, author, and writer.  One of Modernism Week's most popular speakers, Annalisa is passionate about the protection and preservation of mid century architecture. She owns 'The Jack House' on Sydney's Upper North Shore.  

Alan Hess is an architect and architectural historian. He's been in so many architecture documentaries, we call him the Samuel L. Jackson of Modernism!  Alan is the author and/or co-author of nineteen books exploring about Modernist architecture and is a frequent speaker at Modernism Week.