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Mar 26, 2018

USModernist Radio goes to Palm Springs each February for the incredibly popular Modernism Week.  It’s a fascinating array of sunshine, architecture, lectures, parties, tours, exhibits, and you can even order martinis for breakfast. Yes, you can do that anywhere but you'll feel glamorous in Palm Springs. USModernist Radio's George Smart was there with the week's keynote speakers and other special guests who make Modernism Week a blast. 

Atomic Ranch Magazine celebrates mid-century houses from 1940's ranch tracts to 1960's architect-designed Modernist homes.  George welcomes Sarah Jane Stone, editor and brand leader, as they chat poolside at the Hotel Skylark.  And later, he talks with Lindsay Blake, location expert, is creator of the blog I Am Not a Stalker.  She's a walking encyclopedia of TV and movie locations all around California.  She'll share the ground rules of not-stalking and her quest for the home of Tal Weaver, an obscure character in her favorite show, Beverly Hills 90210.

(Since this show was recorded, Lindsay found the Tal Weaver house!)