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Mar 12, 2018

Gregory Ain was inspired to become an architect after visiting Rudolf Schindler's King’s Road house. He worked for Richard Neutra as well as Harwell Hamilton Harris. As a result of a proposed housing project suspected of being communist by Senator Joseph McCarthy -- because it was racially integrated -- Ain was investigated by the FBI over 30 years.  He was considered the most dangerous architect in America, and this broad and inaccurate accusation caused the loss of many commissions.  Our first guest is Ain’s daughter, Emily Ain

Architect Pierre Koenig apprenticed in the offices of Raphael Soriano and A. Quincy Jones.  He designed the iconic, world-famous Stahl House, the most famous "case study house," up in the hills above LA.  His innovative steel buildings often hung onto cliffsides and masterfully defied gravity.  We are joined by his son, attorney Randy Koenig, specializing in the legal needs of design professionals.