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Jan 15, 2018

Hawai'i is full of Modernist architecture!  Today we talk with Dean Sakamoto who lives and works in both Hawai'i and Connecticut. He worked with the Univ of Hawai'i Department of Urban and Regional planning and he founded SHADE, Hawai'i's first public interest design organization that plans designs and builds in the rapidly urbanizing tropics.  He also is on the board of DOCOMOMO Hawai'i which has their annual tour every October.

Returning to the podcast is our good friend Brad Dunning, one of California’s most sought-after interior designers.  He's worked on numerous Richard Neutra houses and offices, including his own, with Tom Ford on his 1955 Neutra home, Courteney Cox on her Neutra office complex, the famous Kaufman house in Palm Springs, and other houses by A. Quincy Jones, Paul Williams, John Lautner, and Wallace Neff.  He gives a rockin’ talk on Hawai'i modernism every so often at Palm Springs Modernism Week, and he has written about architecture and design for Vogue, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and GQ Magazine.