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Sep 18, 2017

What makes a house too big?  And is it really anyone’s business other than the owner?  We talk with Thomas Bena and Mollie Doyle, stars and creators of the new documentary One Big Home, based in Martha's Vineyard MA.  Like many wealthy coastal communities, new homes there are not the cottages which have dominated the area for centuries.  10,000 sf and 20,000sf and even larger McMansions started appearing during the 1990’s.  One Big Home is a documentary about Thomas Bena's work to curb the disruption of life on the island by giant houses.  But the film is more than the story of a cause.  Along the way, he found a girlfriend, Mollie Doyle, they married, moved, had a beautiful daughter named Emma - all events that influenced or changed his progress and perspective on the film and his life.