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Oct 24, 2022

Schindler is a name most everyone knows, for different reasons – and for different Schindlers.  There’s Schindler the elevator and escalator company, founded in 1874.  There’s German industrialist Oscar Schindler, hero of the 1993 movie Schindler's List, who saved more than a thousand refugees from the Nazis.  Then there’s Austrian Rudolf Schindler, the architect, who initially worked for Frank Lloyd Wright.  In 1920 Wright sent Schindler west to Los Angeles. Schindler started moonlighting in 1922, which Wright hated, and eventually Schindler quit to became a huge success on his own.  He and wife Pauline hosted many events at their Kings Road house, a model of architectural brilliance that's now 100 years old.  

LA photographer Mona Kuhn got her first camera at 12 and she studied at Ohio State and the San Francisco Art Institute. Exhibited internationally, she has published several books of photography, her most recent entitled Kings Road, featuring Rudolf Schindler's Kings Road House. Later, we found out that USModernist's own Michela O'Connor-Abrams lived there as a child - and witnessed a secret late night burglary.  

Later, profound cello with musical guest Helen Gillet.