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Nov 1, 2021

When we hear about a Modernist house by an important architect being bought and destroyed, there’s widespread outrage from preservationists. Why didn’t these people try to save them?  Why didn’t the buyers consult architectural historians?  The owners should be forced to do whatever it takes, and whatever it costs, to keep the houses intact, right?  It’s a classic struggle between property rights and preservation ideals.  Turns out, though, that some of those dastardly owners actually followed the rules, got the approvals, met with the committees, consulted the historians, and still got criticized by the preservation community. Today we talk with Ross Johnston, owner of the Largent House in San Francisco, designed by Richard Neutra, and Mike and Nina Marco, owners of the Biggs House in Delray Beach Florida, designed by Paul Rudolph.  Later on, music with Susannah Clifford Blachly.